Two to Tango…..WITH DEATH!

Our second issue is out today, with this badass cover:

I actually think this one is better than the first one, but I don’t want to set expectations too high.

Also out today is the second printing of the first issue, so if you missed it the first go round or want the shiny new cover:

Also available in handy digital format.

We’d love to hear what you all thought of this one, good or bad.


4 responses to “Two to Tango…..WITH DEATH!

  • Daniel Scott Ertle

    Holy shit guys, you delivered another awesome issue. Great “Oh Shit” moment as well he stops that punch. If you keep putting stuff this great out you will have a life-long fan out of me. Any chance you will be in Florida? I would love to get my copy of issue 1 signed and chat it up with you guys.

  • Jim G.

    Great read! I was hooked from issue #1. I’ve been reading comics for 25 years (of 30) and I’m pretty hard to please. You guys do a hell of a job on the tangibility of the characters.Especially Luther.His character is actually palpable. How many people brush their teeth in the mirror and see Batman standing there? Damn shame there’s only gonna be four more.
    This book is the shit.

    Go forth o’ beater of ass.

  • Jess Kenyon

    Yeah, I picked up the first issue yesterday. Thank gods I sat down and read it in the store so I could grab the second as well! It’s genius. I love Luther’s bedroom. Wish I had a sweet ass Iron Giant Poster right next to a sweet ass the Thing poster. C’est la vie. Can’t wait for the 3rd!

  • walter ostlie

    Shiny new cover is awesome. love it.

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