TPB Cover + Wallpaper

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode - Trade Paperback Cover

Hey guys, we did these wallpapers for you, based on the recently revealed cover of the LUTHER STRODE TPB, which will be out on April 2012. If you need a wallpaper in a size that we missed, let us know!


2 responses to “TPB Cover + Wallpaper

  • Kraig

    Just wanted to say how awesome this book is! TSTOLS is in very prestigious group, as it will be the second series that I have ever purchased both the TPB and the single issues for, yes people it’s that freakin good! Keep up all the amazing work, It’ll be sad day come Issue #6 but I will spread the gospel of Luther Strode far and wide.

  • Kraig

    PS. I also wanted to thank you for making HD wallpapers!!!! I’m a serious collector desktop wallpapers. I’d love to see more of them. There an underrated medium that most don’t think about, but someones sees them on your screen there quick to ask where you got it. I’m sure Luther will be garnering some serious attention.

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